Retailers often inquire about the cost of shipping a package to China from Europe. Regretfully, there isn’t a definitive response to it. The following factors determine the rates:

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The courier you use to send the package
The parcel’s dimensions (length, breadth, and height)
The package’s weight
Delivery time (such as priority, non-priority, or expedited)
If you’re interested in transport insurance
Whether you desire monitoring
Additional services, such as registered and climate neutral

How much time does a package take to arrive in China?

Another subject for which there is no definitive answer is how long it takes to transport a package from Europe to China. This also relies on a number of variables, including:

Method of delivery (by sea freight or airmail)
Proper packing and addressing (i.e., package in compliance with regulations)
Customs processing time (so include the relevant paperwork)

Chinese customs laws

It is crucial to take Chinese customs laws into account while sending goods to China. A few of the things to be mindful of are as follows:

You are required to provide a CR (Custom Registration) code on the invoice for any goods you export to China.

Each type of goods has a unique customs number, known as the HS (Harmonized System) code, which also establishes the standards, certifications, and customs charges.

The Chinese national standard, or GB standard, applies to goods that need to pass safety testing, including food, toys, cosmetics, textiles, and furniture.

Chinese quality certifications are available for some items (this comes at a fee). goods including cables, switches, and electrical cables, as well as lighting, appliances, toys, latex goods, audio and video equipment, information technology, and telecommunications equipment, are among them.
The majority of items have a 17% VAT rate (alcoholic drinks, for example).

The price of the products, the cost of transportation, and any insurance all play a role in determining the customs charges, which differ depending on the kind of commodity.

It is crucial to understand that your shipment’s value cannot be more than 1,000 Chinese Yen. If so, the receiver has to have a customs registration.