Here are some tips for having fun when trekking in the Atlas Mountains.

1. Trekking Jebel Toubkal

Mount Toubkal would at the top of your list if you wanted to trek the Atlas Mountains.

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At 4,167 meters, the trek offers stunning views along with a little of Moroccan culture. For someone with a reasonable degree of fitness, Toubkal is a difficult but doable climb that doesn’t need technical climbing abilities.

Even for hikers who choose to tackle Toubkal without a guide, you may reserve your luxurious walk with Skyhook and begin in the hamlet of Imlil, which is regarded as the entrance to the mountain range. You may unwind at the opulent Kasbah du Toubkal as you wait for the walk to begin the next day. You can even ask for a traditional Moroccan hammam, or special bath, to ease your muscles before the hike.

To avoid Toubkal altitude sickness, you should get yourself ready for the height and climb gradually. This will help your body to gradually acclimate. After that, you’ll stroll through the town of Sidi Chamharouch, which enthralls with its uncomplicated way of life, far apart from the bustle of the big metropolis.

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Stay the night at a sanctuary for Toubkal. We suggest the quaint mountain lodging of Refuge de Toubkal.

You will trek in the dark on the last day of your trip, arriving at the peak shortly before dawn. You will see the Atlas Mountains illuminated by the first light of day, and you will be able to see the horizons of the Sahara Desert.

2. The Jebel Sahro Hike

Hiking in Morocco’s High Atlas may be a journey like no other, especially if you choose the Jebel Sahro Trek.

The voyage begins in the town of Taghssa, which is located south of Marrakech, and takes you into the heart of the Berber culture and the country’s wildness. Along the trip, you’ll travel through various Berber communities that provide you with an insight into the traditional way of life in Morocco, including Imi n’Ouarg in Tinghir Province.

Trekking through Kouach, the hike truly starts to show off its amazing vistas as you ascend to Jebel Sahro, which is at an elevation of around 2,590 meters. Even while Jebel Sahro isn’t as tall as Toubkal, the views are nonetheless breathtaking.

You will pass the town of Igli on the descent, as well as the valley next to the Afourar River and the village of Bab n’Ali. Proceed toward Tadout n’Tablah and then Irhuazzoun, slowing down as you pass larger Berber communities, until you arrive at Hanedour, your ultimate objective.

3. Trek to Berber Villages

This is an exciting multi-day trip that takes you right into the Moroccan High Atlas Mountains. There will be beautiful valleys and untamed areas along the way, and on the last day, you can even climb Mount Toubkal.

Beginning from the settlement of Imi Oughlad, your journey will rise to Tizi n’Tachte, where you can take in breath-taking vistas of the Ait Oussaden and Imlil valleys. Following the trail, you will arrive at the red clay terraced town of Tiziane, where you will be greeted warmly and spend the night in a traditional gite.

The next several days combine exploration of the natural world with cultural engagement. Hike through walnut woods from Tiziane to Tizin’taghrhourte and then to D’knt hamlet, where another gite is waiting for you. Hiking up to Tizin’tagdalte from D’knt reveals other Berber towns where you may relax in a hammam before spending the night at a hotel.

The next day, you may see the impressive waterfalls in Toubkal National Park before continuing to Ait Mizan Valley, where you can cross the Tizi Mzzik mountain and enjoy breathtaking views of the Imlil towns.

As an alternative, you might go to Tizi Aguelzim and then the Toubkal Refuge in order to get ready for the Toubkal peak summit attempt early in the morning.

4. The Three Valleys Hike

Families and anyone looking for a more mild introduction to the area will find the 3 Valleys Trek in the High Atlas Mountains to be the perfect trip. It has lower elevations, more picturesque scenery, and shorter walking days.

Starting in the Imnan Valley and ending in the Ait Mizane Valley, you may go through the colorful Azzaden Valley, which is well-known for its vivid scenery and the magnificent waterfalls on the Tazagahrt plateau.

You’ll pass through charming communities situated on cliffs and terraced fields of barley, maize, and vegetables along the route.

On the first day, the hike to the Tizi n’Tamatert Pass from Imlil takes around six hours. After riding through a number of towns over the Oudit Pass on day two, you continue through high-alpine landscapes, arriving at Ait Aissa where a local gite and steam room await.

On the last day, you will see the waterfalls in Toubkal National Park, pass the Mzik Pass to get breathtaking views of the valley, and then head back to Marrakech.