He was intensely interested in politics, and thought of voting at each opportunity to be some extent of obligation with a citizen. We have been favoured with a replica of a brand new piece of music by Mrs. Thirkell, entitled “The Volunteer Waltz,” which has appeared very opportunely, simply at the time of the grand evaluation on the Prince of Wales’s birthday,

Mr. and Mrs. Torning, Mr. James, Madame Louise, and Mrs. Gibbes, with Mr. John Gibbes as leader of the orchestra. Mr. James and Mrs. Torning made their debut within the drama of “The Somnambulist,” Mr. Torning and Madame Louise in “The Wreck Ashore,” Mr. Griffiths in “Hamlet,” and Mrs. Gibbes as a vocalist.

The programme consisted of the “Royal Procession March,” composed by Mr. Gassner; the overture to “Semiramide”; and alternatives from that opera; additionally choices from “Un Ballo” and “William Tell;” set of Lancers, by Godfrey; “II Gorigolo waltz,” by Mr. Gassner; the “Bonnie Dundee Quadrilles;” and “God save the Queen,” as a finale.

Isabella MELODIA

and she is, no doubt, known to lots of our friends as having for the final twelve months performed the seraphin at Trinity Church. HERR Gustav Gerlach, formerly of Melbourne, and now Professor of Music at Frankfurt, Germany, was hit very hard by the bursting of the land growth. The Land Mortgage Bank of Victoria has simply issued a writ for £3,713 for calls – a big amount to collect from a musician. Professor Gerlach, organist at St. Augustine’s Church, Richmond, has equipped a really helpful little work, the want of which has been much felt by the laity who desired to affix within the Vesper or Evening Office of the Church.

How nice it was after the trials and anxieties of enterprise, or after an intercourse with the cares of the world, to go house and be regaled with songs familiar from one’s youth. He urged the propriety and enforced the cultivation of music, as all its impulses have been in the proper direction. While he admitted that it was liable to be perverted, like poetry and portray, and that a data of sacred music didn’t represent religion,

and Jerry, the aboriginal, were every ordered to be imprisoned until 12 o’clock that day for drunkenness. For the remainder of the 1870s and 1880s, nevertheless, he continued to play and apparently additionally to show locally on a more modest scale, frequently documented in his later years playing at social features of the Newtown Wesleyan Sunday School. Only such biographical info as may be confirmed from normal nationwide databases or unique documentation offered is entered at the head of every person entry in this web page. Where no certain proof of an individual’s delivery year has yet been recognized, the belief is that we don’t and can’t yet know with adequate certainty to suggest one.

and acknowledged that the fracas originated through Mr. Crawcour persisting in refusing to render an account of the varied goods belonging to him that had been pledged at his shop. The cost of assault was dismissed, but for the insulting language a fine of 20s in default three days’ imprisonment, was imposed. GENTLEMEN desirous of studying to play the Violin are requested to fulfill at Mr. I’Erson’s residence, on Friday evening, 28th July, at half-past Seven, when a Class will be formed under the administration of Mr. Gabb.

In the latter part of 1841 or the beginning of 1842, Mr. Wyatt visited England, and while there engaged several professionals for Sydney. They had been – Mr. J. G. Griffiths, Mr. Deering,

Suddenly Solo, Granger Saves The Day

which has been lithographed by Messrs. Penman and Galbraith, of Rundle-street. It appears to be a superb specimen of the artwork. The title-page is most elaborately executed in decorative characters. PENMAN & GALBRAITH, Lithographers and Copperplate Printers, RESPECTFULLY announce that they’ve faraway from Peacock’s-buildings to Grenfell-street, nook of King William-street,

Youth Compose And Report A Music In 2 Days

and proceeded to Newcastle final night time, at 8 o’clock, in the steamer Dandenong. At Newcastle a passage had beforehand been engaged for him on board the Charlotte Andrews, which leaves for Hong Kong in a day or two. The band has improved very much Isabella (“Bella”) Veronica MELODIA of late, and we be taught that some “gems” are in rehearsal for the ever to be remembered demonstration of the twenty-seventh. It it’s not too late, I would counsel that our worthy band master, Mr. Gallagher,

The above band will carry out within the Domain at three o’clock, this day, weather allowing. We’ append the programme – 1. March, “Volunteers,” Gassner; 2. Overture – “La Semiramide,” Rossini; three.